Black Queer poetry

Read and listen to Black queer poets: Isiah Fish, Ross Gay, Aziza Barnes, Donika Kelly, Danez Smith, Nikky Finney, Angel Nafis, Roya Marsh, Saeed Jones, and Radi Shaw.


trans poetry

Read and listen to contemporary trans poets: Lee Mokobe, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Jos Charles, J Mase III, Xandria Phillips, and Alok Vaid-Menon.

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war: writing about resistance

Read and listen to poet-activists: Abisola Kusimo, Hannah Drake, Meccamorphosis, and Audre Lorde. Themes include: race, gender, sexuality, inclusivity, accessibility, body politic, queerness, silencing/voicing, and the fight for justice. Explore how communities use creativity + innovation for social progress and discover what art has been formed out of oppression + necessity. 

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line, breath, + Vision

What is the difference between a poem and just talking? In the book Ordinary Genius, poet Kim Addonizio introduces the craft of writing poetry with the line: “a sense of both meaning and something beyond it contained in a particular shape — a shape we can hear.” In this workshop, poets learn how to shape a poem line by line, breath by intentional breath. 

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workshop + Discussion

Each collective of poets will read +  listen to a variety of contemporary poets, and discuss how each critically engage with and celebrate their thematic contexts via intentional language choices and embodied expressions. Together, we learn + rehearse a variety of strategies with patterns (of sound and imagery), comparisons (simile and metaphor), and lyric (alliteration, allusion, hyperbole) to expand our poems and performances. 

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